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This covidwiztech site was developed and managed by Rushdi Mohamed a final year undergraduate from the Faculty of Computing and Technology, University Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, as well as an undergraduate student of University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

The primary target of this project is to provide simple, intelligent approach graphical approach of the impact of COVID-19 spread around the world. As an undergraduate who follows about new technologies need to aware the effect of this Covid-19 pandemic. We have to stay home and stay safe to the betterment of the next generation. The information is ongoing updates with few moments delay from Worldometer's, using reliable sources from around the globe. The TODAY cases/passings depend on GMT (+00:00). The site pulls new information like clockwork, revive to perceive any changes. On the off chance that you have questions, proposals, or criticism, send us an email The support cost of clients, servers can be high. Therefore, we exceptionally value any of your kind support.

If you are looking for further assistance, questions, suggestions, or feedback, Please feel free to drop a message on facebook, linkedin or twitter. Since the maintenance cost of users, servers can be high. Therefore, we highly appreciate any of your kind support.

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